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Some call me an idea midwife. Some say I am an SEO wizard or creative business development consultant. I help people to make their ideas tangible. Working with entrepreneurs, artists and small business owners, I help bring dreams to life and help make them lucrative. I believe that you have your talents, abilities, ideas and desires for good reason. I also believe that, with some focused attention, there isn't anything you can't create. I would love to help.

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The Worst Marketing Mistake You Never Made

I need to share a business pet peeve of mine and it might get a little ugly.

The trouble is it’s not a new thing. In fact, it’s something that almost every business does in the beginning. To call it an epidemic might be a bit dramatic, but it feels that way sometimes. It stems from a combination of myths and legends and, if I may call this spade a spade, good old fashioned fear.

What’s the trouble? Creating your entire business BEFORE you start your marketing.

The trouble with “ducks in a row”.

I get it. We all want to feel like […]

5 Networking No No’s : Are you guilty?

Some networkers can’t seem to see the forest for the trees. When I lived in LA I used to attend networking groups galore. From the local chamber of commerce to large scale international groups like BNI, I was a complete pro at the nametag tango. I had my elevator pitch down to perfection – that 30 second sound bite explaining exactly what you do and why it’s important – ready at any given moment to “make an impression”.

Having a background in multiple industries including hospitality, education, insurance and showbiz meant that for a while there I couldn’t seem to […]

My Personal Revolution: 8 Steps to Real Change

My life has been upside down for a while. It’s not just the result of suddenly moving almost 6,000 miles from where I was born. It’s not just because I am learning who I am in what might be considered a rogue context. It’s because I had been craving revolution for years before I ever set foot in Berlin. It’s something I needed because my life wasn’t working.

Flashback — January 1, 2008: I drove to a beach in California that I had never been to before and climbed to the highest pile of sand I could find overlooking the […]