“Be so good, they can’t ignore you.” ~Steve Martin

I believe in a lot of things, but mostly, I believe in the power of the human spirit. People can make or break absolutely anything. And at the end of the day, it’s all about relationships. The following is a small list of some good people I have come to know along the way. They are doing good things that are worth your attention, collaboration and business.

Businesses In San Francisco

Karina Louise Photography

Karina is a San Francisco photographer specializing in social media and corporate head-shots. A previous photophobe turned professional photographer, she excels at taking natural portraits that highlight that special something in everyone. Most of the photography on this site was created by Karina.

Rob Smith Bodywork

Don’t let his average name fool you- there is nothing average about this massage! Rob is a truly gifted therapeutic massage therapist in San Francisco. His effortless fusion of massage therapy styles makes him a clear master, seriously fluent in everything from Deep Tissue to Shiatsu to Thai to Cranial Sacral. Providing both mobile massage and a friendly location option, Rob consistently provides the most intuitively skillful massages I have ever had. If you are in San Francisco, I can’t recommend Rob enough!

Businesses In Berlin

The Laundry Room

This full service laundry shop located in Prenzlauerberg specializes in 24 hour laundry service, dry cleaning and the incredibly friendly customer service that you might expect from a neighborhood laundry. They exist to make people’s busy lives easier and offer unparalleled attention to detail and kindness.

Berlin Cribs

This business rents our holiday flats in Berlin and is a great travel resource with its comfy, central, fully furnished flats, easy going contracts and booking as well as locals only insider kind of info upon check in. It’s like having a friend in Berlin.

English Yoga Berlin

This English yoga studio in Kreuzberg provides intimate, high quality yoga classes offered by centered and knowledgeable international instructors. These yogis are not about the hype- they are the real deal.

The Primrose Practice

Sophie Frost is a caring and well-trained English speaking therapist operating her private practice in Berlin Mitte. She focuses on integrative psychology- treating people as whole individuals understanding that there are many paths to good health.

The Grinberg Professional Training Program

This bodywork training program offers a high quality education for people looking for a holistic therapeutic modality. The method itself is a kind of somatic coaching that uses body attention to change unwanted patterns and to treat chronic pain and other health issues. A truly innovative profession taught by incredibly kind and grounded folks, they offer a 3 year degree program as well as various workshops and seminars for improving overall well-being and empowering people to change their lives.

Businesses In Los Angeles

Alan Nocita: Master of Ceremonies

Alan is seasoned master of ceremonies also has a background in events coordination and non-profit fundraising, so he brings so much extra knowledge and aid to the table of every event. Beyond that, the warmth and kindness he brings along with his attention to detail and professionalism makes him an asset to any event. He is funny, sincere and great at free-styling ot make things run smoothly. If you are having an event, you want Alan to have your back (and your mic.)

6ixth Man Player Development

Norman is a leadership development coach who works with elite basketball players and their coaches to get to the heart of their strengths and weaknesses both on and off the court. This transformative work combines winning at basketball and at the game of life and is fueled by his professional sports background and his passion for people.

Be Like Water Tai Chi
This studio offers tai chi and qigong classes in West Los Angeles in various parks and community centers to people of all ages. Their commitment to integrative health, overall wellness and keeping their high quality classes small enough to make an individual impact is what sets this group apart. Founded by a duo of artists, there is a considerable amount of passion that goes into teaching this ancient form.