“If you work really hard & are kind, amazing things will happen.” ~Conan O Brien

Deborah Inventor & Educator

After three years of development, I found myself stuck in the process of expanding my business and Shaleah made me see for myself that all the blocks were caused by my habitual thoughts about my work. She is like my lantern in the middle of the storms that I create in my path, and she does that with as much kindness as practicality. I’m really grateful to have found Shaleah and I hope to work with her for the foreseeable future.

Katrina Events Photographer

I am blown away after one session with Shaleah. She gave me the space to really get out all the stuff swimming around in my head and the stuff buried deeper than that, without judgment. I am amazed at what came out and can’t wait to work on changing some of my long held beliefs I didn’t even realize I was clinging to

Kit Civil Litigation Lawyer

Shaleah is da’ bomb. She has consistently shown a level of insight into projects that is almost eerie. This ability goes beyond merely asking what you want- she finds out what you really need. Her in depth questions and background in multiple fields consistently brought solutions to the table that we didn’t even realize we were desperate for. Every time I have had the honor of using her skills on a project, she has hit a home run, bringing in results that were so far beyond what I had envisioned. In a competitive business world where it’s often hard for a small business owner to see the forest for the trees, Shaleah is exactly the type of person you need in your corner.

Meg Yoga Collective Founder

I often tell people that Shaleah is our competitive edge, and it´s really not an exaggeration. Since she started working with us, we´ve seen amazing growth–she has helped us with hiring, online marketing, streamlining policies and setting up effective systems, as well as general business coaching and really solid emotional support. Our field is a competitive one, and we do provide an excellent service, but without Shaleah we would never have reached as many clients as we now do. I have learned enormous amounts from Shaleah, and hope to continue working with her as long as she is available! She is a huge asset.

Sophie Psychotherapist

I would say that Shaleah is a part of my team. She brings technical and strategic knowledge that I don’t have. I also need the energy of someone else to push me and get me excited about my work and development. It is easy to be negative or stagnant on my own and so Shaleah is a fresh vibe to keep the movement moving

Pedro Community Studio Owner

Business manager or psychoanalyst? SEO wizard or self-help guru? It’s hard to hang a label here. I had only a couple of meetings with Shaleah, before I realized I needed to meet with her about another, more challenging, project: my life. In one two-hour session, she shrewdly drew-out the things I was hiding from myself, allowed me to understand the patterns that were causing anxiety, and mapped a plan for me to start addressing these findings. Her report on the meeting was nothing less than enlightening, and triggered a process that continues to yield results. I can’t wait for the follow-up.

Joy Relationship Coach & Professional Matchmaker

I love working with Shaleah because she is a great cheerleader, an awesome editor, has a wonderful way of seeing the big picture but can also get down and dirty with the small details. Overall, she has become an incredibly valuable asset to my company’s success.

Norman Leadership Development Coach

Words can’t do Shaleah’s work justice. Her expertise in optimizing my online presence has streamlined how I communicate to the elite basketball coaching community. Her intuitive attention to detail has revolutionized how I strategize and customize my services. Shaleah thinks with you and prepares you to reach your desired audience with the goods you’ve worked so hard to create.

Avital Multidisciplinary Artist

I met Shaleah in a complex point of my life. My to-do list seemed to be getting longer and longer and my motivation smaller and smaller. With no goal at sight and only a vague idea of what it is I want from my life, the road seemed to be getting muddier by the day and quick sands were lurkin’ down the path. Very quickly we realized that time management is not where we should begin, as she puts it, “You have to order the coffee before you start freaking out about not getting it.”

So we went deeper into my ideas of happiness, which turned out to be a torn world of contradicting ideas that chase each other in an endless race that leaves me breathless and terrified. Shaleah started giving me ‘homeplay’: little missions I should accomplish from one meeting to the next. These turned out to be harder then they seemed at first- simple tasks brought out so much fear and craziness, that I found myself dragging it out for weeks, until I was able to do it.

My work/play is far from over, but for the first time in years I let myself take my time. My motto now is ‘baby steps’ and I take pride in every step like that that I manage to take. I haven’t used the phrase “it’s not enough” in weeks and for the first time in a long time I am experiencing optimism.

I can’t wait for the next meeting to see what truth Shaleah will fish out of my long stories and what new homeplays will make me face my fears.

Karina Louise Portrait Photographer

Shaleah is organized and keeps me on track with monthly homeplay. She is fun to brainstorm with and open to change. She is also super good at SEO. Getting clear on keywords, implementing them and then explains analytics in a way that makes sense.

She is supportive and very good at understanding what I’m trying to say, and then writing/editing from my voice. (My own Mother thinks it sounds like me!) Working with her helps me feel confident in my written website content because she makes it polished and more fun to read. But most of all, Shaleah is able to step back and see the bigger picture. She helps to keep the business moving in the direction that I want it to go.

Nelo Education Development Manager

My work with Shaleah has mostly centered around how I plan my time. We work on how to set priorities, dividing tasks into different topics and deciding what is “enough” in a certain period of time. We also focus on self-care- how I treat myself and how and when to say “no” and “yes” to new things in my life and work.

I feel like our work is definitely helping me to calm down, to spin less and to actually take days off. I am learning how to set realistic goals for myself which has never been easy. It’s like reprogramming my inner time expectations and inner critics. One thing we work on is being my own backup-support. That is very good for me, because I tend to be super critical of myself. I like having regular meetings to check in on how I am doing. Having progress being watched for from outside myself releases the pressure somehow.

Pinelopi Yoga Studio Owner

SEO was a strange unknown world for me before I met Shaleah. I understood that if my site were better optimized, more students would be able to find me in this very competitive city for yoga studios. That sounded great, but I was skeptical about the whole process: would this mean I would have to change my website into one of those aggressive promotion sites that I hate? Can this process happen while remaining true to my beliefs?

At our first meeting, I explained my present professional situation. Then Shaleah asked me to talk about the future. She let me talk for an hour without interrupting, taking occasional notes, encouraging me to talk with little hums and good questions. Afterward, I felt relieved, when she said the future I wanted was very possible.

Fortunately, the process was more about writing interesting yoga blogs rather than sending aggressive promotion to all my students. I couldn’t believe it when the website moved from page 36 in the search engines to being the first entry on the first page in Google, in less than six months! New students were able to find me and try out my classes. Soon I had to open more and more classes, and find teachers to help satisfy the demand!

The SEO part of Shaleah’s work is really important and brings concrete results. But for me, the other parts of our work helped me the most. She helped to point out where I was creating obstacles for myself, taught me how to promote myself in a way that felt comfortable, taught me what language to use for money, announcements, professional emails and best of all: she gave me monthly homework.

As a free-lancer building a business, there are so many things that need to happen and they all depend solely on me. When the list grew and grew, I would often end up feeling paralyzed. The best attribute of my work with Shaleah, was her ability to prioritize things on my endless lists. This helped me to become less stressed and more focused on my work. I also felt less lonely, isolated, and lost. I had found someone to help me grow. I realized quickly that Shaleah was much more than an SEO professional. She was a magic woman who was able to bring out the best in me.