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I use content design to work with small business owners and writers, together we create clarity and expand their reach. Through consultancy and coaching, I help bring ideas to life.

content design specialist for women in business
About me

I use words and presence to create new worlds.

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shaleah dawnyel content writer
Shaleah loves content design

Customized content design and small business support. 

Ideas need support, whatever stage they're at - the right amount of guidance and space, expertise and encouragement. I've been working for over a decade with individuals and teams, reading between the lines and helping chart a clear path towards their unique goals.


What I Do

From tech start-ups to yoga teacher training, I help people to harness the power of language through content page design and technical writing. Through customized business strategies, I help lead entrepreneurs and teams toward the type of expansion, learning, and growth they crave.

Business Development

From the new idea to the messy middle to creating a business to sell, I help brave creatives with building a business at all phases of development.

Content Projects

In a world full of screens, great technical writing can provide a vital competitive edge. I use words to reach the right people while building a business.

Content Design Training

Content design and UX writing is an increasingly exciting profession. My training allows writers to develop in both personally authentic and lucrative ways.

What My Clients Say

small business owner Tamesha Scott

I trust Shaleah with my most sensitive self, my craft, and my business. Having someone that knows and understands the mind of an artist is exactly what I've needed to break through- beyond my creative whirlwinds and focus on what needs done to reach my goals. 


lawyer and business owner Kit Davlin

Shaleah is da bomb! Her in-depth questions and background in multiple fields consistently brought solutions to the table that we didn't even realize we were desperate for. Every time I have had the honor of using her skills on a project, she has hit an absolute Home Run.


entrepreneur and educator Meg Saxby

We've seen amazing growth since starting to work with Shaleah! She's helped us with hiring, online marketing, setting up effective systems, as well as general business coaching and really solid emotional support. We would have never reached so many people without her.


leaderhship coach Norman Coulter

Words can’t do Shaleah’s work justice. Her intuitive attention to detail has revolutionized how I strategize and customize my services. Shaleah thinks with you and prepares you to reach your desired audience with the goods you’ve worked so hard to create.



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