technical writing and strategy specialist Shaleah Dawnyel

“Be Yourself. Everyone else is already taken.” ~ Oscar Wilde

Technical writer + artist: my journey of putting the pieces together.

I've always had million jobs at once. A typical Los Angeles 'slasher'- Jane of all trades and master of some. With a degree in business, I had worked in everything from special events coordination to non-profit music education development. But in 2009, when I moved to Berlin with little more than I could carry, I was given the unique opportunity to do something amazing: integrate. I became a copywriter and started working with my good friend's marketing agency, learned about SEO, and brand development and then eventually skilling up to technical writing and UX content design. My network grew along with my ability to piece it all together. And, in the end, I started to understand that all my talents, all the jobs I had ever worked, and all the people I had met were for a reason. Sometimes your life's work finds you.

My own artisic nature combined with my ability to uniquely synthesize information, has allowed me to bring creativepreneurs a vital combination of freedom and clarity. I could see the forest and the trees. I would listen intently, ask meaningful questions, and ultimately intuit game-changing solutions.

By now I have provided technical writing and strategy consultation on dozens of international projects, co-founded a few small businesses, and worked with companies large and small to create countless new things, both in the physical and virtual worlds.

Creative living is not for the faint of heart, but if you are ready to take your writing, your ideas or your business to the next level, I would love to connect with you. We are so much more than words on a screen or our cumulative online presence could ever express…

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