Writing development

Becoming a technical content writer can change the game.

Words are incredibly powerful. They can make or break an idea, a brand, or an app experience. They can create movements of thought and expression. I truly believe that words can change the world.

So, where does techncial content writing come in?

Most people understand the basic power of storytelling. But at some point in my journey, using words to sell things just wasn't enough anymore. I didn't want to simply write words - I wanted to change the space itself.

UX writing, aka Content Design, gave me the opportunity to pull many different things together. By becoming a technical content writer, I was asked to hold different ideas, needs, and limitations altogether at once - a challenge that tapped into my varied talents and experiences. It is an extremely interesting and fulfilling career path and I would love to help you or your team to reach your next level.

being a technical content writer can be fun
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Development for writing teams

After several years of working with entrepreneurs as well as technical content writers and teams and having been tasked with co-creating large - often multilingual -content initiatives, I know how to set teams up for success. My coaching focuses on designing the right creative and organizational environment within which we can produce the most authentic and impactful results for your team, your project and your mission.

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Mentoring for writers

Developing as a writer can be confusing and discouraging - it's often hard to find the clarity you crave. I started from scratch as a writer when I moved to Berlin and am grateful to have forged a lucrative path towards doing what I love. My mentoring for writers is designed to help you find your own path, on your own terms, through the commercial writing jungle - with kindness, clarity and no BS.

What people are saying

Design Director Rebeca Coleman

Shaleah’s experience in all things UX Content coupled with her years of strategic business consulting make her a true asset and consort. She brought a sense of humour, initiative, drive and clarity to our whole team.


Writing coach Aileen McKay

Her super friendly and bright approach to mentoring me as a blog writer has truly levelled up my writing skills so that, in turn, my own clients can yield the benefits. I can’t wait to continue working together!


Design consultant Wyndham Mead

Shaleah is a force of nature, an expert in her craft of content design, but also someone you can't help but look up to because she leads with her heart. The definition of empathy and professionalism, she's a TRUE JOY to work with!