More than Career Development

Knowing what you really want can change the game.

I have had a lot of jobs by now. And I can say sincerely: It doesn't matter how good (or bad) your job is, there is always something to learn from it. But making the most of wherever you are in this moment requires personal agency.

Lots of people live their lives searching for permission, recognition or some combination of both. But the truth is, no one knows what you should be doing next - except for you.

But the world is loud, and there are a million voices competing to be the one that tells you which way to go. How to spend your money.... how to fill your time.... what to want in your career and how best to get there.

My coaching with employees is based in lived experience, not theory. And, perhaps more importantly, my methods are based in who my client is and who they wish to be.

When you can hear your own voice, consistently, you can feel more confident in the ways you show up in every single aspect of your life.

being a technical content writer can be fun
No Parking

Discovery Package

There is a myth going around that work is supposed to be hard. So, when we are unhappy in our job, we just assume that it's normal. Maybe we blame ourselves, numb out, or just go through the motions. We don't question the status quo, even though we are not fulfilled - feeling out of control of our own lives.

You are not alone. This package is perfect for anyone who feels discontented with where their work and life seem to be going at the moment. Including an intake and reflection, intention alignment and closing overview, this (3) session package delivers clarity around the most important themes to work on right now to better understand what is and isn't working and what you can do to create the future that you wish for.


Make it Count Package

We are not just 0's and 1's. We are whole beings and work is just part of it.

After several years of hiring, managing and developing creative employees in non-profits, agencies and start-ups, I have a tool box full of resilience building practices that I would love to share with you. This (8) session package is for you if you are currently struggling to get the support - practical, developmental, emotional, or political - that you deserve in your current job. I work with you as a kind of "Surrogate Manager" helping to navigate the career jungle from a perspective of what is best for YOU as a holistic human being, and not just what's best for the company you work for.

What people are saying

Design Director Rebeca Coleman

Shaleah’s experience in all things UX Content coupled with her years of strategic business consulting make her a true asset and consort. She brought a sense of humour, initiative, drive and clarity to our whole team.


Writing coach Aileen McKay

Her super friendly and bright approach to mentoring me as a blog writer has truly levelled up my writing skills so that, in turn, my own clients can yield the benefits. I can’t wait to continue working together!


Design consultant Wyndham Mead

Shaleah is a force of nature, an expert in her craft of content design, but also someone you can't help but look up to because she leads with her heart. The definition of empathy and professionalism, she's a TRUE JOY to work with!