Business development at all stages

Put simply, I work with artists, wellness workers and visionaries who would much rather spend their time making stuff and helping people than tweeting. Building a business is one of the most personally and professionally challenging things we can do in this life.

My one-on-one sessions are primed for deep listening and result in the creation of clear, customized, achievable plans to make things run more smoothly and, ultimately, more lucratively. But I do more than simply optimizing websites- I help to optimize peoples' experience of their life's work. Through consultation and content creation, I partner with clients to build new worlds.

view of consulting services in Berlin

In the beginning

When your newest idea starts to grow, it can be equal parts exhilarating and overwhelming. Your instincts are on fire, the creativity is flowing, and you are excited about what the future might hold. But there are also so many important decisions to make, foundations to lay, and priorities to set.

I help you to sort through the potential of your plans, discover your core values, and establish the steps you need to reach your goals. Starting a business can feel lonely. We work together to organize your endless to-do list and break things down intro actionable steps, empowering you to make your best decisions along the way.

The messy middle

The middle is the tricky bit... In fact, I would say that it's the hardest part of building a business. Its a time when the initial adrenalin of the new has faded. Some things are working well and some things are not. This is the part where many people seriously consider giving up. Don't give up.

Here in the middle, I help to give perspective. We take stock of all the aspects of your work and life that contribute to your current situation and then together we find solutions for what ails you. Sometimes it's as simple as changing pricing structures or as complex as re-branding everything. But. whatever it is, it can be done and I am here to help.

Leaving a legacy

Change is the only constant. As creatives, we thrive on newness and often find inspiration in unexpected places. Once you've found a way to make your work work but have come to the point where you wish to expand, perspective and strategy are extremely important.

Some people are open to adding new areas to the same business. Some want to create a new spin-off business. Others would like to get their business ready to be sold. If you're feeling the pull of transition because it's time for a new chapter in your story, I would be honored to walk beside you on this part of your journey.

What clients are saying

Alexander technique and yoga coach Pinelopi Sioni

My list of small business tasks was long, but Shaleah helped me to prioritize. This reduced stress, increased focus, and helped me to feel less lonely. Shaleah is much more than an SEO professional. She is a magic woman who has brought out the best in me.


somatic coach Valerie Adolff

When you meet Shaleah, you will know from the beginning that she is very open minded and has a sharp brain. She understands all the possible advantages, and limits of a project. I highly recommend her as she makes sustainable business development accessible for everyone!


entreprenuer and photographer Karina Louise

Working with her helps me feel confident in my written website content because she makes it polished and more fun to read. But most of all, Shaleah is able to step back and see the bigger picture. She helps to keep the business moving in the direction that I want it to go.

~Karina Louise