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Ready for my Close Up: Am I an expert?!

Sometimes it’s weird hearing your own voice! I was recently asked to be the special guest on Natalie Lipka & Wayne Frazier’s podcast Hollywood Closeup and I was kind of nervous. Don’t get me wrong, I was honored and excited, but I did have a little moment in which I said, “Who me? Am I really worthy to go on your show as an expert?!”

Expecting an Expert

To give you a little background on my panic moment I should tell you that I have a Bachelors […]

Green = GO: 3 Steps for Creating Change

It’s just not working and you know it. It may have started out with little doubts. Small problems that you thought you could manage. You know what I am talking about: your job, your romantic relationship, that toxic friend in your life…

You tried to make the necessary adjustments. To evolve. To look the other way. At first, you considered re-arranging some things. Maybe thinking about it differently or re-defining it would help? At times you thought you could just be a little more patient. Perhaps […]

The Worst Marketing Mistake You Never Made

I need to share a business pet peeve of mine and it might get a little ugly.

The trouble is it’s not a new thing. In fact, it’s something that almost every business does in the beginning. To call it an epidemic might be a bit dramatic, but it feels that way sometimes. It stems from a combination of myths and legends and, if I may call this spade a spade, good old fashioned fear.

What’s the trouble? Creating your entire business BEFORE you start your marketing.

The […]