2 Things Women in Biz Need to Stop Right Now

I have recently discovered two of my biggest pet peeves in the whole wide world. They make me feel like I am taking crazy pills.

After living in Europe for almost 6 years, I’ve spent the last six months or so readjusting to life in the US. My major focus during this time has been co-founding Seeing Beauty, which plunged me head first into the fast and furious world of women’s small business. And while it’s certainly an inspiring place to be, where some of the world’s […]

The Dirty Truth About Starting Our Creative Business

We had a problem.

In case you haven’t heard (or read somewhere online), I am currently building a new company called Seeing Beauty. After almost 6 years as a small business consultant living in Berlin, I recently relocated to San Francisco and decided to join forces with the incomparable Karina Louise. Karina was actually my first client so we have both been working together since “the beginning” of our respective businesses. A beautiful combination of talents, I am SO excited to be working with this amazing woman to build something […]

Five Ways to Create a Meaningful Content Strategy

Absolutely thrilled to be working with Melinda Barlow on an increasing number of projects, I recently asked for her take on the content strategy buzz that seems to be all around. For entrepreneurs and small business owners with no time or money to waste, understanding the foreground is vital. And so this international content powerhouse was happy to break it all down to a 101 level. The following were her top tips for getting ones bearings in this important area of business.
For small business owners and entrepreneurs, […]