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Ready for my Close Up: Am I an expert?!

Sometimes it’s weird hearing your own voice! I was recently asked to be the special guest on Natalie Lipka & Wayne Frazier’s podcast Hollywood Closeup and I was kind of nervous. Don’t get me wrong, I was honored and excited, but I did have a little moment in which I said, “Who me? Am I really worthy to go on your show as an expert?!”

Expecting an Expert

To give you a little background on my panic moment I should tell you that I have a Bachelors in Business. I have almost 20 years of work experience in various industries and I have spent the last 5 years working as a freelance development and marketing strategist for small businesses all over the world. I love my work and I find that the vast majority of my clients recommend me over and over again. But my doubts come from a very real place that I think many people share. And its this place that brings up some very real questions.

What does it mean and how do you become an expert? Is it through education, experience, accolades? And how do you know when it is really true? Is it enough to have experience or interest in the topic or is it something that you have to study? What gives you the right to be an expert on any particular topic? And how do you know if/when you have “arrived”?

In Los Angeles there is a lot of “fake it till you make it” going on. If you say you are something and you get enough people to believe you, sometimes it works out. But that’s not what I am talking about. I am talking about those people who would have a hard time claiming expertise despite serious proficiency. Perhaps you know someone like this. Perhaps this person is you.

I find that many of my clients struggle with this concept of being an “expert”. It is one of the obstacles we face when it comes to many important parts of business: setting pricing, self-promotion, hiring and expansion etc. Not understanding our worth can be a huge obstacle to reaching our true potential.

Laying it on the Live

The scary thing about live interviews is you never know what people are going to ask you. Since this show is hosted by friends, I knew they would be kind. But I wasn’t sure if what I would have to say would be of any value to their listeners. Hollywood CloseUp is a show dedicated to giving artists and up-and-comers in the entertainment industry tips and tricks to be proactive and ultimately improve their careers. Since my work is primarily with entrepreneurs and owners of small creative businesses, I guess they felt I might have something to say. The full interview is 15 mins. But first, check out this short trailer and you be the judge.

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  1. Jay Randall

    Also quite helpful – thought provoking, insightful and wise – thanks much!

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